Chandigarh India
Here is provided information on the Chatbir Zoo near Chandigarh.

Chattbir Zoo

Chattbir Zoo of ChandigarhLocation: 5 kms from Chandigarh on the Chandigarh-Patiala Road

Highlights: lion safari

Chandigarh Chattbir Zoo is a famous zoological park located at a distance of houses hundreds of different mammals, birds and reptiles. One of the major attractions of Chatbir Zoo near Chandigarh is the lion safari. The work on zoo had started long back in the seventies and today it has been developed as a full-fledged zoological park. Royal Bengal tiger is the pride of Chattbir zoo and if you are fortunate enough, you might be able to catch its glimpse. Visitors are taken on the adventurous trips to the tiger reserves, where animals roam about freely. You can also find distinctive species of birds over here. The zoo is open on all days except for Mondays.