Chandigarh India
Here is provided information on entertainment in Chandigarh. Read on to know how to enjoy in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Entertainment

Chandigarh EntertainmentWhen it comes to entertainment in Chandigarh, the city provides lots of options to choose from. For the party animals, there are a few discotheques available. To name a few, we have Aerizzona in Sector 9, Jail House Rock in Sector 17-B & Las Vegas Den. For people who love spending time in shopping, there is a fabulous shopping complex in Sector 17, also known as city center. Read on to know more about Chandigarh entertainment:

How to enjoy in Chandigarh is a question that sounds little weird, because Chandigarh is not a small town, but a fully developed city. If you like spending time in social clubs, then Chandigarh has a plethora of clubs. Popular ones include Lake Sports complex, Rotary club, Rendezvous bar & nightclub & Chandigarh golf club.

For people who are fond of theatre, drama and art, there are some fabulous art galleries and theatre over here. Tagore theatre is a very famous theatre of the city. There are a plenty of cinema halls in Chandigarh. To name a few, we have Kiran, Neelam, Nirman, Piccadily, Batra & KC. So, how to entertain oneself is not a problem in Chandigarh.