Chandigarh India
Here is given information on the weather & climate of Chandigarh. Read about the climatic conditions of Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Weather

Chandigarh WeatherTalking about the Chandigarh weather, it can be said that summers are extremely hot and monsoons are highly uncertain. During the monsoon period, sometimes the weather is cool and sometimes very humid. If you are planning a pleasure trip to this city, then the perfect time is between autumn and winters (mid-August to November), when the weather is pleasant. During this period, it is neither too hot, nor too cold and also there is not much of rainfall. Winters are chilling, especially during the late nights and early mornings. Read to know more on Chandigarh climatic conditions:

Here are given some fast facts about the weather & climate of Chandigarh:
  • Winter temperature: 4-14°C
  • Summer temperature: 37-44°C
  • Annual rainfall: around 111.4 cm
  • Monsoon season: July - September
  • Best season to visit: between mid-August to November