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Here is given information on the sports in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Sports

Chandigarh SportsWhen the talk is about sports in Chandigarh, people of this city are very much enthusiastic about different sporting activities. Infact, there are a plenty of well-equipped sports complexes that are run by the Chandigarh Administration. Read to know more about Chandigarh sports:
  • Bicycle safari: a 12 km long track was made in 1999 for hosting the bicycle safaris. 10 km consists of the pucca road, while the other two kms consists of non-metalled kuchha road. Bicycle safaris are conduced on this track on a regular basis.
  • Cricket: there is a wonderful cricket stadium in Sector 16 that can capacitate nearly 20,000 persons. It has also been the venue of various international cricket matches. Also, there is a class stadium in SAS Nagar, part of Greater Chandigarh, which is presently serving as the main venue of several international cricket tournaments.
  • Golf: it was in the sixties, when the Chandigarh Golf Club was set up. Since then, it has been making a steady progress and today, it has developed into an 18-hole golf course. Infact, the Chandigarh Golf Open Championship competition is hosted annually and in the contemporary times, it is one of the most prestigious championships within the country.
  • Swimming: there are a number of swimming pools in this city, where you can go and cool your body as a means to beat the summer heat.