Chandigarh India
Here is provided information on the Chandigarh fitness trail & flower garden.

Fitness Trail & Flower Garden

Fitness Trail & Flower Garden of ChandigarhFitness trail & flower garden of Chandigarh is a very famous garden of the city that is located in Sector 10. It covers a total area of 94 acres, out of which 52-acre land consists of gorgeous seasonal flowers and the left out portion houses the mind-blowing sculptures of well-known artists. And a part of Chandigarh fitness trail & flower garden is utilized for conducting various cultural events. The garden has a real scenic beauty and taking this into consideration, it was thought to combine the natural beauty and physical exercises. Eventually, a physical fitness trail park was set up over here in 1965. Chandigarh fitness trail & flower garden serves as the apt place for long walks and physical workouts. The garden was renovated in 1985.